This is what my work is all about. Maybe you will see that perfect shade of hot pink that reminds you of your favorite lipstick, melting into the beautiful golden color of the sun hat that you wear to the beach. You just can’t help but smile and feel great!

A vibrant adventurous palette beaming with energy and a fresh, dynamic, feminine perspective. 


The magical joy of makeup is infused in all of my work after spending 25 years in the cosmetics industry. My journey began with paintings related to designer shoes, which led to people saying to me “OH! You’re the shoe artist.” From there the work progressed into portraits of fashionable women and celebs, as well as scenes of colorful flower gardens and crowded beaches (you can almost hear the buzz of conversation.) Oh and how about a yummy beautifully decorated cake? Yep, that’s right, I painted so many delicious cakes that the Hartford Courant did a feature on my “Cakes on Canvas.” All lighthearted and exciting subjects allow the viewer to escape into a wonderland layered with vivid color and fantasy.

When I am not reflecting on my cosmetics experience, I get inspired by my favorite abstract artists, especially Joan Mitchell. Over time, my painting evolved and moved toward abstract. The themes and provocative palette remained constant, but I embraced a new manner of expressing them. My distinctive style embodies energetic mark makings and gestural flourishes of delight. Each quirky mark is fresh and full of enthusiastic vibrancy and a liveliness that expresses joy. I keep my artistic voice fresh and ever-changing. Those splashes of paint might feel more modern and contemporary but they have the same cosmopolitan air that reminds you of your beloved Manolo Blahnik painting.


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Married to my number one


Year old Maurice Matisse, my
Orange Tabby


Year old Papillion, Mickey


Meet my two grown children,
Kendl & Jamin 


Mile walk for Breast Cancer from Bear Mountain to Central Park in 3 days
and slept in a tent!